"Be chic" personal Styling

Chic and effortless style, your way

Have you noticed how French people manage to look so natural and so chic all the time? If only you could channel some of thet efforless style!


You dream of looking put together whether you are on a trip, hanging out with your friends or taking care of your children but the reality is oh, so different!


So much has changed in your life over the pas few years, not to mention your body!


Sometimes you look at yourslef in the mirror and you don't recognize the person looking back at you. The truth is you struggle to find even few minutes for yourself and when you are getting ready you just end up chucking on the things closest to you?


In an ideal world you'd have a capsule wardrobe of outfits that fit every situation of the day. And yet, you feel like you never quite get it right; you're always under dressed, overdressed or in a mess!


You aspire to looking chic and stylish but in a way that's authentic to you. But right now, there's a gaping hope in your look - you are just not being you. 


You wish you could look like you fit in and yet, stand out, for all the right reasons.

And what if...?

Imagine, if you could style yourself chic, and still reflect your personality. 


Imagine, if you could effortlessly pull together outfits for every situation. 


Wouldn't it be wondersul to wave goodbye to overwhelm, because you know the secret to assemle faboulous looks, in no time?


Imagine, knowing exactly what kind of color, cut, fabrics suit you. 


Imagine, having your very own signature style, that oozes chic and cophitication. 


Suddently, getting dressed every morning becomes a pleasure and not a chore. 


You radiate confidence and revel in compliments you receive from your friends, family and colleagues, throughout the day. 


The chic new you is not a distant deram. It can be your new style reality!


I developed a step-by-step guide with simple but effective methods to develop your effortless and authentic style

How do I know they are effective? I tested them myself and used them with my one-on-one clients. 


Hi, I'm Anastasiia But, personal stylist. 10 years ago, I left Kiev (Ukraine) for France and everything was new and different:  people, culture, language, and problems. I even changed my career. It seemed to me that people were looking at me in the streets and were able to tell straight away that I was...a foreigner. The effortless elegant French style is way different from Ukrainian (overly sexy!) style. The French style is never too much! I needed to change everything from my hair and clothes, to the postures and gestures, to the way I spoke, all to adjust to the new country. At the same time, I did not want to lose my identity. That was the challenge.


I discovered that French people have a particular sense of taste and aesthetics that make their style look effortless


While in France, I went through different periods from being a consultant to having a corporate job. When I was pregnant with my second child I knew that something had to change. I did not feel like myself working in the grey environment and wearing the dark clothes. For the first time in a long time, I connected to myself and decided to do what I was drawn to – styling and making people discover and embrace their true beauty and personal style with a "French accent". Finally, I decided to leave my corporate job (although it was very scary!) and start doing what I always dreamt to do, helping people claim back their identity and live the life of their dreams.  


I started focusing on my positive qualities and expressed them in my look. And do you know what happened? I felt more like myself and confident. I also felt more creative in my daily life and I would come up with "out of the box" ideas at work. 


My mission is to show that every woman can uncover the secrets of the French chic and have an authentic style no matter her size, age and origin.

What will this program give you?

You will affirm your style and personality


You will learn how to create an effortless and chic style à la française


You will feel more comfortable in your clothes


The programme will liberate you and help you feel authentic in every situation


You will learn to be irresistible in photos and to show off your new image to the world


This program will boost your self-confidence 


What is the French style about?

This program will give you the keys to the effortless French style: 

  • Mixing and twisting the basics
  • Wearing the killer accessories that immediately upgrade your look
  • Mixing styles
  • Chosing timeless clothes instead of doing endless string of disposable purchases 
  • Layering 
  • Menswear inspired clothes

French emblematic fashion designers : Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier, Celine etc.


Here are some of the French style icons : Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Tautou, Emmanuelle Alt, Catherine Deneuve,  Charlotte Gainsbourg etc.


French style is about expressing your personality and not blindly following the fashion trends and buying new shiny objects. 

What does it include?

Module 1. Get clear

Knowing who you are and where you want to go is the best style tip ever. The right clothes can make you feel authentic and confident.


We will reveal the qualities that make you remarkable, in order to showcase them in your style. We will work on your "self-image". I will help you to define the image you want to convey.


You will discover the importance of having an image that is coherent with your personnality.  

Module 2. Chose your colors

You will uncover the colors that suit you best and discover the power of color on our behavior. You will learn how to better communicate, and be more impactful using color. Color is the first thing we notice when we  see a person for the first time. The right colors allow you to look more relaxed and even younger! You will learn how to start using different colors and how to go further in their associations. 

Module 3. Dress your body shape


Being aware of your body shape is essential to feel good about your body. You will define your body shape and know the types of clothes that suit you best. You will learn how to chose the right essentials and assemble the look in no time. 

  • I will give you tips to harmonize your body shape and emphasize your assets.
  • You will learn what types of clothes to avoid.

My intention is that you feel comfortable in your clothes!

Module 4. Define your ideal style

While developing your style, you'll discover new facets of your personality. I'll help you develop your own style, so you feel like yourself in your clothes. We are seeking a "WOW" effect!  You will learn how to create a signature style and use Pinterest for inspiration.


To see clearer in your style, you will sort your wardrobe and compose outfilts according to 3 occasions: work, weekend, and evening. If necessary, we will make the shopping list together. This will save you time every morning and prevent you from impulsive purchases. It will be fun, you'll see! 

Module 5. Show yourself in the best light


We will define your face shape in order to highlight your assets. You will discover your best hairstyles, types of accessories, and necklines. We will cover the makeup bases. 


Finally, this module will help you conduct a great photo shoot in order to show your new image to the world.

Module 6. Show off your style


I will show you how to easily create your "effortless" look. You'll learn how to better manage your stress and increase your confidence. I will show you how to assemble your outfits easilyhow to mix styles, and twist your essentials. You will discover the rules of effective shopping, and go shopping. You'll love your new style!

What do other people think?

Isabelle Giroux

Coach and Naturopath

Guylaine Boissat

HR Consultant

"Anastasiia has been definitely the one individual that has thought me more on style and how to let my authentic “ME” shine with beauty, femininity, and style.  Not only was she easily able to help me assess my present goals on my overall look and colour schemes, but she taught me how to create a more authentic, personal look with a French touch. Her knowledge and support didn’t stop there, she also showed me how to extend my authentic look to my online business platforms, which are after all, our signature. If you are looking to upscale your personal or professional look, to get a rundown on colours schemes, and fonts, I highly recommend Anastasiia Style.  She will do for you what she has done for me; help you identify your goals, and make your best “look” come forward!"

"As a French woman, quite “self confident” with her style, I was interested in Anastasiia’s knowledge of style and colors, shapes and hair styles, but not sure it’ll be possible for me to change anything … And guess what? She convinced me to have my hair cut and influenced me to wear more colorful clothes in the “Hippie Chic” style. As I was very “Classic” in my clothes choices, it made me look even more radiant; and now I can assure you that I do feel happier.

I strongly recommend you follow my example and sign up for coaching sessions with Anastasiia to style up your life! I promise you will like it!"

What will you receive?

  • Your personal stylist in your pocket
  • Videos and downloadable material for each module, including easy to follow steps 
  • One-on-one on line calls are scheduled at your convenience. You can advance at your own pace
  • For each module, you will receive specific exercises
  • Customised e-book with looks from your existing items as well as shopable new items.  
  • My ongling support by e-mail or messenger during at least 3 months from the beginning of the program
  • On-line calls are registered; and you will have access to them forever  

For who?

The Be Chic Personal Style Program is for you if you have personal or professional changes, and if you are adjusting to a new situation,  and at the same time, want to be yourself. You want to accept your body and feel comfortable with your own image? You've set goals and know that you cannot get there without changing your image? You are advancing in your career but your personal life is put behind? You are in the right place!  


You will show the world your true face. Your image of yourself will change and inevitably you will get more confidence. 

If you sign up now you will get additional bonuses


Bonus 1. List of online and physical shops and brands, according to your ideal life style and target


Bonus 2. Love Your Body meditation


Bonus 3. Supportive folks in the private Facebook group   

Because I really want you to take this step and let you shine brightly, and let others do the same, I offer you my ultimate bonus!!!


Meet me in Paris! Paris is where high fashion was born and it is still the first place that comes to the mind when you think of fashion.


You will be able to put everything you learned in practice and shop in my selection of boutiques and show-rooms. Paris is waiting for you. Offer yourself this experience! 



How much time does it take?


You will need one hour of your time per week, plus approximately 1 hour a week to do the modules. 


What if I change my mind? 


Your satisfaction is my priority. If after the first session you feel that this program is not the right fit for you, I will refund you 100%. 


If you are committed, I am here to support you express your personality. I am a dependaple person that will help your take care of your issues, I am very approachable. I've been in your place and am here to guide you to your effortless and authentic style. 


If you have any questions just e-mail me at contact@anastasiiastyle.com and I would be happy to serve you.